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Asthma can be fatal and even cause death. But if loved ones and patients make it a point to follow some easy steps it can be kept under control. Since it is a disease associated with lungs and respiration, it’s important for patients and family members to follow advice that will enable them to breathe simple. Though there are no exact known causes for becoming infected with asthma, there are some things that can aggravate the issue.

Exposure to dust, smoking, premature birth, obesity, lung infection during childhood and allergy to some food things can cause asthma. Moreover, genetics can be considered as one of many chief causes for asthma. Addititionally there is no specific region or age group that can get infected with the ailment. Anyone can be vulnerable whether child or adult. Nonetheless, preventing some food stuff, alcohol and tobacco and staying out of dust and air pollution can be a great choice.

Some of the asthma cure are tightness of pressure on chest, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest and coughing especially at night. These are the most common symptoms of the disease. The attacks are extremely unpredictable as patients may not have them even for long periods of time. Some patients may also have serious attack at one time and quite light attack the next.

Coughing frequently at night, getting tired easily, shortness of insomnia, cold, allergies, sore throat, breath and wheezing are some of the Symptoms of Asthma. If these symptoms are noticed by anyone among family members inside them or someone, it’s time. Doctors should be consulted at the first so that treatment can be availed as quickly as possible. Their problem can be checked by taking drugs and the right inhalers even if patients aren’t healed completely.

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